Saturday, 31 August 2013

Career path as a Dietitian

Job opportunities for dietitians include positions in a variety of different areas: health care agencies or institutions, community organizations, businesses, food industry, education, research, media and freelance work.  

The Clinical Dietitian is the health care team member responsible for the nutritional care of individuals who need special diet as part of their medical treatment.  

Management Dietitians direct quality food delivery systems in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other group feeding establishments.

A Community Dietitian works on the public health management team or in a specialized service programs for people with disability and special needs, patients on rehabilitation program, home nutrition support and populations at greatest nutritional risk.

Private Practice and Consultant Dietitians address health promotion through seminars, articles and newspapers and magazines and dietary counseling of individuals and groups.  

The Business Dietitian works as a professional resource for corporations in product development, food styling and menu design.  

In future, the demand for dietetic professionals will continue to be strong nationally and internationally.

For more info: UPM (B.s Dietetik)

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