Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dont Wait For Tomorrow

Mad at someone?
you should know dat nobody's there to fix it for you
if today you fix it,maybe dat person still wants to be your friend..
If you dont...

Tomorrow may be too late...hurm

If you are in love with someone,
but dat person doesn't know..
tell her/him..
maybe today,dat person also in love with you..i hope so,
and if you dont say it,

Tomorrow may be too late...

if you have friend who you really appreciate,
tell them.
maybe they appreciate you as well
if you dont tell,and they go far away

Tomorrow may be too late...

seribu satu perangai...tired wif them.but i love it!!

so today,for those i love.....i want to tell,,I MISS YOU ALLS!!!!!!
here's some more..<3
~5 years together~..


yg ni kwn2 hostel...love them!!<3


paah~twins,hihi..born on 26/2/1992~~<3

'A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. '

('',).....with love~.......
~truly from deep of my heart~


  1. gmbaq aku memang takdak la kann. =P

  2. qilah:...ada3!!!tp lam album..nnti balik kedah,aku scan..aku upload lam fb..jgn tkezut plak tgk hg di alam knak2..ahaha

  3. awat aku comei sgt weh?haha